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Quan Chu is an illustrator and visual development artist living in the Bay Area. His work often centers around myth and fantasy and he maintains a daily sketchbook to cultivate those ideas. Online he is known for his sketchbook work and graphic novel illustrations which can be seen on his Instagram at



Comic Artist and Cover Illustrator                         2016 – Present

“SALVATION” graphic novel written by Anthony Mauro

Expected to be published by Action Lab comic by 2021

Illustrator & Logo/Brand designer                         2020 – Present

“POLYCENTRIC LEADERSHIP” project by Joseph Handley

Asian Access non-profit organization

Logo Designer                                                                                2019

Anh Nguyen LLC – a civil engineering & design unit

Concept Artist – Creature Designer                            2018 – 2019

Design 150+ concept designs for an Abyss monster film.

NS Productions

Visual Development Artist                                                         2018

“DAY JOBS” a short film directed by Nikiel Suchit.

Illustrator                                                                           2016 – 2017

“IN TENEBRIS LUX” by Golden Age Game. Illustrated artworks supported lead concept designer/creator Owen Aurelio with packaging & playing card format.

Lead Visual Development Artist                                  2016 – 2017

“THE MASQUE” videogame directed by Matthew White.

Spearheading designs of main characters and environments. Successfully captivated the horror, dark ambient of the game.

Visual Development Artist                                            2015 – 2016

“EYE LOVES YOU” animated film directed by Nikiel Suchit

Won Best animation at 27th CSU Media Arts Festival & was featured at the 2017 Annecy International Animated Film Festival along with other 20+ awards.

Visual Development Artist                                            2015 – 2016

“FOUR FOUR DOWNPOUR” an animated film by San Jose State University animation/ illustration for Adobe Inc.

Character Designer                                                         2015 – 2016

“WAR GIRLS” project and “WHITE PALADIN” character design

Phoenix Miniatures & Co


ATRIUM VERMICULUS                                                 2020 – Present

Pen and ink series of 78 illustrations for Tarot deck project

In collaboration with Rachel Handley

IN THE BLEAK MID WINTER                                                        2020

Pen & Ink on paper. 34x52cm

Private Gallery. San Leandro, CA

THE LAST BREATH OF AUTUMN                                                 2020

Graphite on paper. 38x25cm

Private gallery. Big Bear Lake, CA

MEGALITH                                                                                       2020

Digital Illustration.

5th edition D&D campaign setting by David Somerville

FŪRINKAZAN                                                                                  2019

Polyptych sumi-e painting. 6 paper panels. 1x4 feet each.

Caffe Frascati gallery. San Jose, CA

JINCHŪ                                                                                   2018-2019

Pen and ink on paper & Digital.

Personal series of design works based on Journey to the West

SERIES OF PORTRAITS                                                                  2018

Graphite on paper. Various sizes.

Portraits of Bernhard Roetzel, G. Bruce Boyer & Hugo Jacomet for an Untitled sartorial book written by themselves.

SELF-PORTRAIT                                                                              2012
Oil on canvas. 18x24in
Euphrat Museum of Art. Cupertino, CA


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